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Marthasya Simatupang Bataknese girl beauty fashion Girls photo gallery. Marthasya or Marthasya Simatupang (Ucha) was born February 5, 1987 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Marthasya or Marthasya Simatupang (Ucha) is a beautiful model of Indonesia, beautiful women and celebrities. Marthasya popular in the top beautiful model. Special Marthasya collection of photographs of beauty unknown.

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Leather Lingerie
Leather lingerie is known for its style and strength. It is rapidly becoming popular among all beauty conscious women. This lingerie type is more soft and sexier than normal ones. Leather lingerie provides lovelier look and feeling, with a distinguishing smell. It is believed that the sight and smell of leather dresses can increase the sexual feeling in humans. Leather is also considered a sign of dominancy.

Leather lingerie is available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. It is available for both men and women. The styles range from fetish to tame. Leather lingerie includes leather teddy, corset, garter belts, g-strings, panties, stockings, tongs and bras. All these are available in different sizes, from normal to extreme plus sizes, which make them reachable to every one. They come in traditional leather colors such as tan, brown, black and green.

Smooth and soft leather is always skin friendly. Leather produced using new techniques make them more stylish, smoother, stronger and long lasting. Lather lingerie offers better fitting with best quality and detailed designs. There are many designers all around the world, designing stylish leather lingerie. Special beautiful cuts, figure flattering designs and embellishments of these products make them more attractive and sedative.

Alexandra Gottardo Seksi Actress

Alexandra Gottardo (Ria or Xandra) Born In Malang January 9 1985 , she is a model , Presenter and Indonesia actress, artis now she is Tyo Nugros girl friends (Dewa 19 Ex Drummer) click the thumbnail of Girls photo to get more bigger pictures

alexandra Gottardo alexandra Gottardo alexandra Gottardo

Lingerie Merchandising

Lingerie, in the past, was mostly purchased for special occasions or events, and still is. In the last few years, lingerie sales have vastly increased as younger and older demographics have started indulging themselves in the latest lingerie. People are starting to realize that higher-quality, durability and functionality are worth paying for. What does this mean for lingerie store owners? It means that you can charge more for higher quality items. It also means that there is a need for a more attractive display that can be aimed at many different age groups. Successfully promoting your product is extremely important when you're selling an item like lingerie, which women are very picky about. Wooden hangers are an elegant option when promoting lingerie sales. Studies show that consumers are willing to spend more money on merchandise that is displayed on high-quality clothes hangers. Consider spending more money in this area to boost your sales and to move high priced merchandise.

Choosing the right hangers for your store depends on the overall mood that you want portrayed. Fun, accessorized lingerie aimed at younger women can be displayed on acrylic, decorated and beaded hangers to attract attention. Older women much prefer a beautiful wooden or satin hanger that adds to the elegance of the product that they're buying. Matching the hanger to your product is an important decision when stocking the display items that you purchase for your store.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing your hanger supply. When you're merchandising lingerie, you want to consider slippage. Satin hangers are very nice, but you want to choose one that isn't too curved. The nightgowns and slips that will be hanging from these hangers are usually satin or silk themselves. Choose a hanger that has a straight design so that garments don't easily fall off and hit the floor. Some have metal balls or pegs protruding from the top of the hanger that can be a real asset when you want to use satin hangers. If you're using plastic or acrylic hangers, choose ones with notches for straps to hang from or with rubber grips across the hanger top to stop items from slipping around.

The next thing to consider when choosing hangers for lingerie is quality and damage control. Lace, silk and satin can be easily damaged by cheap plastic hangers or low-quality metal grips with protrusions that easily snag delicate fabrics and appliqués. Losing merchandise to damage can be a very costly mistake. Don't skimp on your spending when it comes to choosing the right hangers. The money you spend up front can really pay off in the long run.

When you're displaying lingerie, you usually want to keep most items down lower where customers can look closely at detail and easily find their size. Items up high are usually overlooked and don't sell as well. Keeping this in mind will help you realize how important your choice of hangers is. Everything about your display affects the customer's impression and interest. It even dictates how much money they are willing to spend in your store.

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