2012-1-1-Happy new year

The first happy new year to me
The second happy new year to you
ha h   a ~~
so,the first day in 2012
I want become a writer
I' m try writing ues Chinese
if some be fond of my novel
haha~~you can read them
but if you don't know Chinese

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Happy every day
Happy  Happy Happy

Sexy girl-Lightaiai-Only you

For more of the morning when the sum up
I made pictures in a good light in my room
That day,I bought a flower and took it for made pictures by me
It's very cute when some light through the flower to my face
The underwear show is in my new video"sexy gril-lightaiai-only you"
I wish you like the video and like me


my new coats in this winter

I bought some coats in this winter
one of them from "SACT" ,the price is 1798CNY
the other of them from"E.LAND",the price is 998CNY
I want more new clothes,but I have not more money
that is a question of more person
not only of me

I was jealous of her

I was jealous of somebody when  they look very sexy
but,Has somebody jealous of me?
I look as a bit of sexy
ham__ga ga ga ~~~~


Underwear and Privacy

This underwear show is in one of my video
It's sexy girl-privacy on youtube
but these pictures made by me in yesterday
them are look different than once upon
do you like them?

sexy come back again

Hi,see you again
I'm come back again
Do you miss me?
look me change to better fat ?
ha ha yeah it is
my body looks better fat
but sexy wasw still there

The winter is coming

Last time I wrote blogger is in autumn
now is in winter
the winter is coming ,but joyed are there
I had not met you for two months
I'm fine,are you okay?
I made some new pictures,are they different than last time?
yeah,I made some change
are they look more pretty?
Do you like them?

      I made a new picture-copy
      I call it <sexy girl-lightaiai-the first season>  ha~~ha~~

who was foolish

I like wear sunglasses at night
because of the dust is very much on the road
I need the sunglasses to cover my eyes
I go home by bickcle
some car lamp  dazzle
I need sunglesses cover the glare
somebody surprise looked at me
I wear the sunglasses at night
I like do that
who was foolish?
me or them ?
my next video pictures are all finished in this day