my cats and me and my new clothes

Now I have three cats,they had a habit,follow me around.
my cats all very like me
but they are bring trouble
IF I laid bed,they are around me too
oh ------

I like wear new clothes
if I can not new clothes,so I want to dead
but buy new clothes need more money
haha,that 's my else trouble
I had a habit too
I like wear new clothes made pictures by me

so next
the shirt from "Teenie Weenie"
the price is 598 CNY
next skirt from "WERO MODA"
the price is 798 CNY

 picture list

head-video of my new video

The picture list and last pictures
they will be head-video of my new video
haha--that's cool?!

Today,I have made some  pictures for my young borther.
He is fourteen age
I find he is very handsome
yeah,just he was a child.


I belive in GOD, I belive in he living in our hearts .
Now,the guilts more just them not belive in GOD.
but one day DOD ability hurt them
 we 'll be make good persons,more diffcult?
if we want to made  else something  ,GOD 'll be execute death for persons.

The book of  " HOLY BIBLE"
dolla price is 6.99
I used CNY is 46
so our shopping of price colse to NEW YORK

Say,I love you.

The day is coming in summer
weather is hot with wet
but I like wear T-shirt and jeans,beacuse I used bicycle.
last sunday
I bought a new T-shirt and one jeans
the T-shirt from "Teenie weenie" ,the price was 458 CNY
the jeans from" Vero moda" ,the price was 449 CNY
This T-shirt that kind of colour,it's  very bright, I like it .

I made  try less weight,my weight is 55KG now
I hope it less 5KG,then I start make my new sexy viedo,haha
that time my body good looks than now from the senseye

Sometimes I very hated my boyfriend,think kill him
but we need keep shipfriend
He was s lazy bones
IF he help me do much thing ,I can abandon this mind.



In the during of I made these pictures,my mothers always speak to me,GOD.
I 'm afraid her and can't abide her too.
why she can't shut up
next time I'll be make my pictures back my room
Looks the trouble is over,haha-------
oH -ham

move house

Near during,I and my boyfriend change house.
move house was very tired
The new house  better more than old
my three cats very like it ,they can watch scenery and trees and birds.
my cat"one piece" was dead,so I have still  three to go.
my cat "flower" had pregnant  again,God ----
from my parents to the house  for a quarter minute go by bicycle only
but the road is very dust and danger
I had bear the big vans and the crazy wind of dust.

these pictures made from my parents house
not there house
The underwear  from "body pops" ,price is nearly 400 yuan
Picture list

Where is the united Arab emirates         
somebody question  to me?