Open you eyes what tied to you life

What do you want? money? sex? and else?
How many trouble in you life?
few and few and few
more and more and more
day and day we are eat then sleep,there is  eight hour's take for work.
what have you to go?
wait for to dead
I'm lazy,I work five hour's in a day now,haha------
What tied to my life? more and more
As you as for money and sex and wait for to dead.

Teenie weenie

This is my new shirt
It's  come from "Teenie weenie
the price is 598 yuan
I like this kind of colour
so, well ,do I looks very sweet?

Tiger's neighbor was wild boar

Last time I with my boyfriend visited a zoo
my bf saw the tiger near close the wild boar
He said to me: you guess what thought the tiger
I said: it thought get free
my boyfriend said:
no ,the tiger thought why it dosn't eat the wild boar
although the wild boar near close to it.

That is my moment of today

The greetings come from China

I always put up come pictures on my blogger
These pictures made by me today
haha,those are my history too
past this day It 'll be come to tomorrow
so,today was my history
I come from Asia
I come from China


my history of during 2008-2011

These pictures made during 2008-2011,them are all made myself.
My history in interent during 2008-2011,my pictures always change.
That is me,my name is Lightaiai-闪电爱爱
My most of original pictures in my picture-copy,them are original size
You can to watch if you has interesting .

MY 2008

MY 2009

MY 2010


This is my boyfriend,his pictures all made by me

MY 2011

Yeah,these pictures all made by myself,so cool !! yes,it is very very very cool
beacuse I 'm a very different girl