Let it to be

my blace cat was missing in a few days ago
I think  it is not like still  the house
it is like life in the wilds
we  moved  new house for three months
but it is always still on the neighbour 's window of sideout
I don't  know it
before a few days it was missing
I can not find it everwhere
so ,it is be free,the thing looks is that
but ? why? it is not like here
I don't  know,beacuse it is better like the nature ---------------

For  memorial to it ,I bought a new T-shirt
there is a black cat on the shirt   ~~~ hahah~~~
it is as like as my black cat
you see????
the shirt and the  skirt  all  from"vero moda"
but they are half -price 199.5 CNY

I am your girl ?

I am your girl ?
who is your girl
IF you has not a girl or boy with you
what significance is in your life ?
that is a about love story
I am your girl ?
No NO  haha~~~
I think your have one but no me
so forget me

most of among these clothes is after discount in this season
the red bandbag is too
but  those are new for me
I had to spend 1300 CNY
they are from "VERO MODA"and "TEENIE WEENIE"and"ONLY"
I don' t think always wear them but have only them in here
I have not to chose

clothes is clothes
they are staling
they can not always keeps the trend
but I think all clothes always in some range
preson can not grow the third leg or two heads

You can not fear

today,I and my boyfriend got to a temple.
the temple of old is very long
I got to there every year once
so , I think ,all holy know me in there,haha__
I tell them,if them give me the power I 'll invite them to drink wine

so ,these pictures will be in my video
they are all 24 piece
watching me
watching me the power~~~

The summer of wind

nearly a few days the wind  was very crazy
I ’m not like this kind of wind
beacuse I 'm not like often sweep the floor
I 'm not really like the wind of crazy
the dirt was enough everywhere
them was coming my eyes ~~~~~

this group of pictuer was the third of made
I plan made twenty-four of piece
I wish filsh them at this week end