Skandal Adam Air Closed at March 2008

adam air ditutup dan dinonaktifkan(indo),
Adam Air Airlines has ben Closed At March 2008 , And Now Here the old collections about the Woman , Pramugari(indonesian) or Stewardess Just click the tumbnail to get more informations
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PramugariStewardess skandal pramugariadam air kasus

All of the major travel agencies offer options to protect your non-refundable ticket. However, that may not be what you need to consider the limitations. More comprehensive travel insurance may fit your needs better.

After working hard for your holidays and looking forward to for so long, what happens when you bought the least expensive non-refundable tickets and you have an unforeseen emergency that prevents you from making your trip? Unless you have purchased ticket-protector insurance probably is jammed. Continental, America West and Northwest airlines, as well as several travel websites offer this type of insurance.

Now, you may still be caught, depending on the particular policy and the situation that prevented them from making their flight. Travel expert and author, Ed Perkins, called ticket-protector insurance a "lite" version of trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance. Perkins said, "Instead of buying insurance that covers all their bases, like your hotel, car rental or most anything else, you are solely protecting your flight."

Ticket-protector insurance must be purchased only in limited circumstances consumer advisers say. The airlines are sometimes criticized for the Prohibition of refunds, and then the sale of insurance to provide those reimbursements. Airlines respond to the provision of insurance gives passengers more choice.

Therefore, it is better with a passenger ticket-protector insurance or more comprehensive travel insurance? While ticket-protector insurance covers only the flight, travel insurance generally covers all aspects of your trip. It is likely that whatever the cause the person to lose their flight is also the reason why we will lose their entire trip, or at least require changes at all levels, ie, car rental, hotel reservations, entertainment tickets, etc. A consumer must weigh all the factors involved in making the decision on the purchase of insurance, if any.

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