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Luna MayaLuna Maya Biography: 28 Agustus 1983 Denpasar, 28 August 1983

Luna Maya now is a Ariel Peterpan Girl Friend, Luna started her career as a catwalk model, and develop themselves in the role of art, both movies and patron. The BestAchievement as a prominent model is its as Bintang LUX 2006.

Luna became the icon of a product of the Beijing Olympics, the opportunity to bring Olympic fire in 2008 Istora circumference. This activity is part of the ceremony as the Olympic flame journey

at 2008 Luna Maya Becomes A XL Operator Model
XL, is an Indonesia-based mobile telecommunications services operator. The operator's coverage includes Java, Bali and Lombok as well as the principal cities in and around Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. XL offers data communication, broadband Internet, mobile communication and 3G services over GSM 900, GSM 1800 networks.

Luna Maya Films

* 30 Hari Mencari Cinta (2004) * Bangsal 13 (2004) * Brownies (2005) * Cinta Silver (2005)* Jakarta Undercover (2006) * Pesan Dari Surga (2006) * Ruang (2006) * Coklat Stroberi (2007)
* Love (2008) * In The Name Of Love (2008) * Cinlok (2008)

How to make Beauty Face from Make Up Like Tika Putri
here the tips to make beauty Face
For those women who are struggling with the way they feel about themselves, I know too well the feeling of low self-esteem and lack of assertiveness. Just have faith that life's journeys will help you break out of your shell eventually and give yourself the love and respect you deserve.

Until that day arrives, here are a few helpful tips.

1) Realise that makeup does not HAVE to be flashy and bright. You can still put on your face, even a complete coverage look, and still look natural. You can still have fun with makeup. For all those years, I didn't dare wear anything because I thought I would look ridiculous with any colors on my eyes or face. I didn't realise neutral makeup was practically invisible and would just make me look better.

2) Use clever face makeup application techniques to slim your face. There are makeup techniques you can use to slim your cheeks, diminish your double chin or straighten your nose. You can work wonders with a simpler bronzer on your face.

3) Opt for a neutral eye makeup look. Go for shades that are beiges, nudes, pastel browns etc. Keeping your makeup looking natural will not make you feel like you are on display. A lovely neutral look will highlight your best features without calling attention to you.

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