Karenina Sunny Menolak di Foto Syur dan Bugil

Karenina Sunny Halim miss indonesian 2009 at Interview with Televison she said the Many Content Foto bugil at Internet also seronok Picture of the Indonesian artist or Kerenina Sunny Halim. He also regret it.

Development of the technology that can not be denied can be used for good purposes, but many also used for things that are not good. Hence, Kerenina recommend to any Artis Indonesia that thinks before taking a Foto Telanjang or Bugil, although originally for private collections.

Karenina Sunny Halim Miss Indonesia 2009 Karenina Sunny Halim Miss Indonesia 2009
"Every time before that (berfoto bugil), should be used later on how the impact for us," said Kerenina during a visit to the editorial staff okezone office in Jalan Kebon Sirih, Jakarta, Senin (15/6/2009).

what is the impact for themselves in the future or not. Moreover, if the images are not displayed in the rightly social networks such as facebook.

Previous Foto bugil of some of Artis Indonesia or similar artists circulating in the virtual world, just a photo bugil brothers Azhari, Rahma and Sarah in the bath when the shower water. Later outstanding new artist photos osculation Cinta Laura with cowok bule and with a similar photo

Miss Indonesia contest to attend again in 2009 to give women the opportunity to show the potential of Indonesia itself and the best quality in himself. Miss India contest, the selection of an audition in several major cities to select the best daughters are eligible to attend the final selection of Miss Indonesia 2009. To you the beauty that has a interesting personality. The Win of Miss Indonesia 2009 is Karenina Sunny Halim from DKI Jakarta, Shee is also the younger sister of Indonesian Famous actors Stave Immanuel. Congratulation for Karenina Sunny Halim Miss Indonesia 2009.

FOTO KARENINA SUNNY HALIM (Kerenina) Miss Indonesia 2009.
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