Let it to be

my blace cat was missing in a few days ago
I think  it is not like still  the house
it is like life in the wilds
we  moved  new house for three months
but it is always still on the neighbour 's window of sideout
I don't  know it
before a few days it was missing
I can not find it everwhere
so ,it is be free,the thing looks is that
but ? why? it is not like here
I don't  know,beacuse it is better like the nature ---------------

For  memorial to it ,I bought a new T-shirt
there is a black cat on the shirt   ~~~ hahah~~~
it is as like as my black cat
you see????
the shirt and the  skirt  all  from"vero moda"
but they are half -price 199.5 CNY