River city NO 2

today I think to buy a reflector board 
about the reflector board I think it have long time
I need one to made my picuters,so___

I and my bf get to the pier
       our city is very especially,we are must through  Long River .
    there are two way,one is by ship the other is through bridges
             the big ship of speed is very slowly and more puper,so we take choese by boats.haha.
there are some word on the ship   "RIVER CITY NO 2"

My bf on the boats
Let's go________
no no ,the city is not HK
it is the largest of the city in China of middle "Wu Han"
it is my home town.
these building made by European  in 19?? 1921?1927?
 I don't know.
we bought one reflector board and had eat and spent 800 CNY than came back
the reflector only price 65 CNY
but I got to a large store spent  to 500 CNY for makeup
two days ago
I met my black cat"mony"on the road
I call it ,it call me too
I taked  it to our house
so I have three cats,they are just in my video.
mao mao mao~~~~