cross the Mental Health Center

There is a Mental Health Center here.
the first floor is some consulting specialist
the second floor is the department of clinic psychology
the third floor is the dept of psychiatry (men)
the fourth floor is the dept of psychiatry (women)

My father is a professor of medicinel in the center
his office on the fourth floor
I offen get to his office and ask  his for money,haha
but now I get to here for my work
the head-nurse and the director know me,but I talk a litter to them

this day I heard  two girls  dialogue
they are all two young girls about twenty years
among them,one is a patients the other is watching to her
the patients say:     who protection for you  outside?
the  girl       say:     I can protention for myself ,I don't need person for protection myself
the patients say:     your clothes need changing (she repeat the speak more)
the  girl       say:     here?
                             changing here you say?
                             but I haven't  clothes to changing
the patients say:     where are you small classmates?
the  girl       say:     what classmes?  I haven't classmates
the patients say:     just last time coming
                              Throw  you bag away
                              have you listen to me ?
      hahah hahah -------------------she looks very crazy~~