my family

My  father is a doctor,my mother was a nurse.
my elder brother is a doctor and his wife is a nurse,haha----
me? yeah I work in the hospital too
we are all work in  same the hospital hahah~~~

My  father's some classmates work in this hospital
my mother's some classmates work in this hospital
my elder brother's some classmates work in this  hospital
me ? yeah~
my some pupil-classmates and my middle school classmates and my college classmates work in there

So, I know more doctors and nurses haha----
but,I talk seldom to them
because I haven't get ill
and I don't regard  among them of persons of theirs medicine-technology is very tip ~~~haha

Last a few months ,my right eye had grow a something
my classmate made a small surgery for me ,haha he is a the dept eye doctor.
well,that 's fine
haha,his father is a doctor too,his mother was a nurse ,and his sister is a nurse and his wife is a doctor too
so,his family as same as my family
there are more this kind of  family here   hahah  hahah----

During a long time,our family's neighbours  are all doctors
now too,although we moved six ,our neighbours are all doctors too

In my family,we are offen discuss about some doctors or dean or director that who's affairs
I know my father and mother and brother and brother's wife  don't like someone
my father don't very like our neighbour, our  neighbour is a teeth doctor.   hahaha
so I know the hospital of the history and I know some family's history
so cool? ah hahah___

During the pass time for eighteen years,my father is a vice-dean at the hopsital
this hopsital is a large and famous
he had a office,last time I offen get to ask his for moeny and the key-house haha
but now, he back his dept,and had a office with a washroom
he set there not black home  hahahah
he like alone at the someplace

Sometimes I meet his at home,haha---why?
the sun grow up the west
I don't very like my parent,and not feeling for them
my mother is a old women of  dull and not fun
every day I see her that is very pain
I haven't house for myself  that is my question

My brother was very early to marry,and he had not live in my parent.
now he had 4 house
among 4 house,two house as same as my parent and  one 540 square meters of three floor building
the three floor building set the city center and others too
but my brother not love now,he is very pain too now---- hahah-----
although he loved his wife but that was pass time
my brother's face not good very day ,he is just bear his marriage like as my father
they can't change  anything
sometimes I regard I can  hahah---I don't know too
I 'm planning leave them forever to a far away place and don't come blace forever
I don't like here too